This is the home of the SteelBenchmarker™, where your company can sign up to become a twice-per-month, steel price assessment provider.

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Providers receive FREE twice-per-month price releases and a detailed historic pricing analysis.

SteelBenchmarker™ is a global steel benchmark pricing system for use by steel industry participants. The products covered include hot-rolled band, cold-rolled coil, standard plate and rebar. The regions for these prices are the United States, Western Europe, and the world export market. Additionally, there are benchmark prices for steel scrap in the United States.
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The SteelBenchmarker™ is designed to provide a reliable set of benchmark prices that has become trusted by steel buyers and sellers the world. Over the next few years it will become the underpinning for an extraordinary surge in the trading of financial instruments for the hedging of steel price risks.
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To help you decide whether or not your company will become a twice-per-month assessment provider to the steel benchmark pricing system, please go to the following Operations Manual:

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